How To Start Your Own Profitable Recruiting Business & Automate Your Client Acquisition

Without Quitting Your 9-5 Until Your New Business Takes Off

How Recruiting Accelerator Works:

Book A Recruiting Business Strategy Call

Book a call with one of our highly-trained recruiting business strategists to discuss your goals and to see if there’s our program is the right fit for you.

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Step 01

Launch Your Recruiting Business & Select A Hyper-Focused Niche

We’ll help you get up and running as quickly as possible and take you through our niche-discovery process to uncover the best recruiting niche for YOU, based on your specific background, interests, and market demand.
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Step 02

Send “Perfect Match Messages”

Stand out from the competition by sending “perfect match messages” that capture the attention of prospective clients and generate meetings.
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Step 03

Set Up An Automated Client Acquisition System

Leverage LinkedIn automation and email marketing to send your “perfect match messages” on autopilot and generate consistent meetings with hiring managers.
Step 04

Use A Candidate-Focused Sales Process

Once you’re in a sales meeting with a hiring manager, use our candidate-focused sales process to land new clients by placing their attention on the value that you offer (your candidate).

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Step 05

Recruit Passive Candidates Outside Of LinkedIn

Learn how to search for high-quality, passive candidates by using Google as a “hidden resume database” once you’ve exhausted your search on LinkedIn.
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Step 06

Hire A Virtual Recruiting Team

Most recruiting business owners hit an income ceiling once they start to run out of hours in the day to recruit new candidates. We’ll teach you our systems for hiring, training, and managing virtual recruiters so that you can continue to scale your business and grow your income.
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Step 07


We back up our training with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t make at least one placement, you don’t pay.
Step 08

Perks of Joining Recruiting Accelerator:

Team Of Specialized Coaches

Jon and his team of coaches each have 10+ years of experience in their respective specialties, ranging from business development & mindset, to candidate sourcing and automation tools. They host daily coaching calls to work hands-on with program members and help ensure their success.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

You’ll have unlimited access to your dedicated client success manager who will schedule 1-on-1 calls with you to continually optimize your recruiting business and troubleshoot any sticking points so that you continue to hit your revenue targets.

Cutting Edge Client Acquisition Strategies

From automations to AI, Jon continuously researches and beta tests the latest business development tools on the market to keep his training up to date. The current version of the program, Recruiting Accelerator 3.0, is the result of ongoing research and development.

Revenue-Generating Community

The moment you join the Recruiting Accelerator, you’ll have access to our community of hundreds of recruiting business owners you can partner up for “split deals”. So while you’re ramping up your recruiting business, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit on other members’ job orders and make a $10,000+ split fee!

From Recruiter to Recruiting Business Owner

Discover how I went from working long hours in a stressful full-time job as a recruiter, to starting my own recruiting business (where I make substantially more money in a fraction of the time).

Who this is for

Frustrated agency recruiters who find it “soul-crushing” when they compare what they bill for their agency to what they take home in their paycheck.

Burnt out corporate recruiters who are no longer satisfied with their capped income and don’t want to work for years climbing the corporate ladder.

Entrepreneurial professionals who want to leverage their industry experience and start a profitable recruiting business in their niche.

Who this isn’t for

People with “shiny object syndrome” always looking for the newest business opportunity to jump into

People who want to do “their version” of the program before implementing our proven best practices first.

People who complain and give up easily. We’re 100% committed to your success, but you have to be committed as well.

Program Expectations

Commit to showing up to as many coaching calls as possible with an open mind and eagerness to do the work.

Reach out to our team of coaches whenever you need help so that we can support you at the highest level and help ensure you make your first placement as quickly as possible.

Follow our proven process that over 200 people have used to successfully launch their own profitable recruiting businesses.

See what our clients
have had to say:

Lauren Bencekovich

Founder, Lauren Recruiting Group, LLC Recruiting Niche: Healthcare

“I made $80,000 in placement fees in 2 months”

Kyle Cravens

Founder, Key Resource Group Recruiting Niche: Software Engineering

“I made $80,000 in placement fees within 12 weeks of joining”

Molly James

Lead Recruiter at
APT Recruiting

“I made a $10,000 fee within 30 days”

Gemma Lopez

Founder, Hireglo
Recruiting Niche: Marketing

“Within 5 weeks of joining the program, I made $70,000 in placement fees!”

Jeff Winkler

Founder, GoldenSquirrel
Recruiting Niche: Software Developers

“Within the first 10 weeks we made $40,000 in fees placing software developers”

Syed Hasan

SHasan, Inc
Recruiting Niche: Legal

“I made $54,000 in recruiting fees with my first placement”


How To Start A Profitable Recruiting Business
& Get New Clients With Predictability