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Lauren Bencekovich

Founder, Lauren Recruiting Group, LLC Recruiting Niche: Healthcare

“I made $80,000 in placement fees in 2 months”

Kyle Cravens

Founder, Key Resource Group Recruiting Niche: Software Engineering

“I made $80,000 in placement fees within 12 weeks of joining the program”

Molly James

Lead Recruiter at
APT Recruiting

“I made a $10,000 fee within 30 days”

Gemma Lopez

Founder, Hireglo
Recruiting Niche: Marketing

“Within 5 weeks of joining the program, I made $70,000 in placement fees!”

Jeff Winkler

Founder, GoldenSquirrel
Recruiting Niche: Software Developers

“Within the first 10 weeks we made $40,000 in fees placing software developers”

Kevin Arca

Founder, Northstar Placements
Recruiting Niche: Software Engineer

“I made $26,000 within 60 days without having any prior recruiting experience”

Evgeny Kim

Founder, SkillsJump
Recruiting Niche: QA Engineers

“I implemented the process that Jon taught me and made $45,000 in fees"

Cristina Procopii

Founder, Tamm Recruiters Inc Recruiting Niche: Logistics

“I made a $23,000 placement fee and got my first clients within 2 weeks”

Jinsoo Kim

Founder, Ninja
Recruiting Recruiting Niche: Tech

“In the last 6 months since I've started Jon's program, I've made $82,000”

Keyla Mendoza

Founder, Keyla Mendoza Talent
Recruiting Niche: Sales

“I signed my first client and made a $25,000 placement fee”

Katie Tolle

Founder, Perry Lynn Consulting LLC Recruiting Niche: Real Estate

“I made $30k in 2 months while working 10-15 hours a week as a stay at home mom”

katie tolle

Bobby Roop

Founder, RecruitingAEC
Recruiting Niche: Construction

“With Jon's program, I was able to make over $40k with 3 placements in one month”

Monica Duong

Independent Recruiter
Recruiting Niche: Tech

“We made a $33,000 placement fee”

Matt McClellan

Founder, Vertex Talent Group
Recruiting Niche: Automation & Supply Chain

“I made three placements in two months and totaled over $70,000”

Chris McIntyre

Independent Recruiter
Recruiting Niche: Construction

“I made a $27,500 placement within about 60 days of launching”

Laura Pearson

Founder, EvolveRecruits
Recruiting Niche: Automation & Supply Chain

“I just[ made a $13k placement by using automation tools.”

Tiffany McKinnish

Founder, Elite Construction Partners
Recruiting Niche: Construction

“I landed 10 new recruiting clients and made 2 placements for over $30,000”

Syed Hasan

Founder, SHasan, Inc.
Recruiting Niche: Legal

“I made $54,000 in recruiting fees with my first placement”

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