The Recruiting Accelerator

Our professional training program is designed with success as a 2-part approach:

Part 1 is being able to apply a SYSTEM.

We cut away the guesswork at every possible decision and make creating, scaling, and optimizing a recruiting firm a with reliable and repeatable process.

Part 2 is being able to apply YOURSELF.

We forge mindsets that are heavy with self-belief, ambition, and focus. In any business pursuit, your mind is the very best weapon.

Cutting Edge
Program Materials

Recruiting Accelerator delivers a proven, step-by-step system for quickly launching your recruiting business, getting clients, and competing against bigger agencies. 

It also teaches the skills needed to become a successful business owner – the right mindset, client strategies,  business operations, and much more. 
Recruiting Accelerator is designed to drastically speed up the process for you to start and grow your own profitable recruiting business.

Expert Instructor

Jon draws on his 10+ years of experience as a recruiter and a recruiting firm owner to provide world class training materials in the Recruiting Accelerator program. 

He also runs the twice per week Zoom coaching calls and makes sure that every client has the support that they need to successfully start and grow their own recruiting business.

Twice Per Week Coaching Calls

Every Monday and Thursday, the Recruiting Accelerator program includes an opportunity for you to get coaching directly from Jon.

On these calls, he’ll be committed to listening to your questions and helping you through any issue or hurdle that you might be facing.

You’ll get support during every step of your journey.

Close Knit Recruiting Community

Once you launch your firm, you’ll inevitably run into obstacles and you’ll want help along your way. This is where our Recruiting Community comes into play.

As soon as you enroll in the Recruiting Accelerator program, you’ll join a community of like minded recruiting entrepreneurs who will give you moral support and help you overcome your hurdles.

Foundational Principles


Weekly coaching calls from established recruiting business owners (who are there to ensure you succeed as fast as possible).


Access our private client Facebook group full of other recruiting business owners (who are working to overcome the same exact issues as you).

24 Hour Response Time

We answer all questions in 24 hours or less

RA 2.0 Course

Unlock our A-Z course that walks you through every step of landing your first client, getting job orders, and securing $20,000+ placement fees.

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